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Do you have a large space that requires a customized cleaning package?

Whitetower Services provides a full range of cleaning & janitorial services and we understand how essential it is to keep offices, schools, warehouses and buildings clean and sanitized. A regular cleaning service for a big space can affect the business budget. That is why we invite you to fill this form and schedule an in-person tour of your facilities in order to customize your services and save time and money without sacrificing quality and expectations.

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In-person tour of the facilities to be cleaned
Information about the space to be cleaned
Does the kichen have any/all of these appliances?

NOTE: If it is a house / apartment / condo please consider each bedroom / dining / living room as a room

Are there stairs?
How often would you like the service done? (you can select more than one)
Will we be working during business hours?
If no, when will we be working? (check all that apply)
How busy is the place?

Thank you very much for completing the form. We will review it and will elaborate an estimate based on the above information which will be brought to the appointment to discuss further details and / or any other information we may need and answer any question you could have.