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Hourly Cleaning Guide

Cleaning different offices, homes, and facilities takes different amounts of time depending on size, number of rooms, how dirty the place is and other factors. Please see below our guide to estimate how many hours you should request for us to provide the best quality of cleaning possible. If you'd like us to clean:

Each room (bedroom, living room, office, den, dining room, etc.)

1 Hour

Each bathroom (full or half)

1 Hour

Each kitchen (excluding inside fridge, oven, or microwave)

2  Hours

Inside each fridge

1 Hour

Inside each oven

1 Hour

Inside each microwave

1/2 Hour

Inside kitchen cabinets (must be empty)

1/2 Hour

Inside closets or clothing cabinets (must be empty)

1/2 Hour

Regular  windows (from inside only)

1 Hour


1 Hour

* This cleaning guide does not apply for post construction / renovation cleaning 

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